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Computer Repair, Data Recovery, Computer Virus Removal, IT Support, Laptop Screen Repair

Computer Virus Removal

computer virus removal cost
  • We can quickly remove Computer Viruses and Malware from your computer or laptop and make it safe and secure again.
  • Computer Virus removal
  • Trojan Virus removal
  • Spyware and Keylogger removal
  • Internet Browser Hijacker removal
  • Free 1 year Anti Virus installed

Hard Drive Data Recovery

data recovery services
  • We can recover your important personal files from your computer. We can recover pictures, videos, spreadsheets, Word documents etc.
  • Formatted or corrupted hard drive data recovery
  • Memory Card data recovery
  • USB data stick recovery
  • Memory Card data recovery
  • Hard drive S.M.A.R.T. error data recovery

Computer Boot Up Problems

PC laptop boot up problems
  • We can fix all kinds of computer or laptop boot up problems ranging from the blue screen of death to boot up device not found.
  • Computer stuck in automatic repair.
  • Computer boots up to black screen with cursor
  • Boot device not found, (Hard Drive)
  • PC or laptop completely dead, no fans or lights turn on.
  • Computer or laptop powers on then off

Health Check & Tune Up

Computer Health Check MOT
  • Is your PC or Laptop running dead slow? Web pages take forever to load or computer freezes a lot? If so a Health check and Tune Up will make it fast and stable again.
  • All the latest device drivers and updates installed.
  • Bloatware removed for a performance boost
  • System files checked and optimised
  • Hard Drive tested for errors and repaired
  • For best results a computer health check takes around 8-12 to complete.

Overheating Laptop Fix

laptop overheating fix
  • We can quickly fix laptop overheating problems and restore the internal cooling system to its normal operation.
  • Laptop overheating symptoms:
  • Base of laptop becomes to hot to place on lap
  • Laptop fan noisy & constantly spinning
  • Laptop shuts down quickly after turning on
  • We only use Arctic Silver thermal compound
  • Laptop overheating repair cost: £40 or £65 (gaming laptop)

Computer Upgrade Service

laptop computer upgrade service
  • Upgrading your PC or Laptop is a great way to get a performance boost and bring your computer up to date without buying a new computer.
  • RAM memory upgrades
  • Hard Drive replacement / upgrade
  • Graphic Card / Video Card upgrade
  • Motherboard & CPU upgrade
  • Want to upgrade your PC so you can use it for video editing, gaming, design or office use? call us for a chat and we can advise you on the best solution for your budget.

Laptop Keyboard Repair

Laptop Keyboard Replacement
  • Missing or sticky keys on your laptop keyboard? We can replace your keyboard quickly.
  • For a Quick Quote tell us the laptop make and model number
  • Cannot find laptop model number? Bring laptop to us and we will tell you in 5 minutes.

Laptop power port repair

Laptop DC Jack Replacement Fix
  • Laptop DC Jack replacement, the DC Jack is the port on your laptop the charger plugs into
  • For an accurate quote tell us the laptop make and model number
  • Laptop dc jack repair cost from £55, bring laptop in to us if you cannot find model number.

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