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Laptop Overheating Service
Some laptops if not serviced on a regular start to get hot underneath, sometimes the base of the laptop gets so hot that you cannot rest it on your lap. A laptop service from Fix computers will fix this.

The cause of the overheating can be one of many things but it is usually due to the laptop fan getting clogged with dust or the laptop outlet fins get clogged to or even both. Once this happens the heat generated by the laptop chip becomes trapped inside the laptop and cannot escape through the vents and the heat builds up inside the laptop.

If your laptop is not serviced once this problem develops the heat build up inside the laptop may damage the motherboard or the GPU (Video Chip). In some cases with Compaq or HP laptops, the solder around the video chip melts and the video chip looses connection with the motherboard and the result is a black screen on your laptop (No video).

The Laptop Overheating Service includes, Fan and outlet fins cleaned by hand, we do not use compressed air. Thermal paste replacement.

Laptop Hinge Replacement
Over time the hinges that connect you laptop screen to the base can become loose, thus making your laptop screen position feel slack. This can be fixed by having your laptop hinges tightened, but if you do not get this fixed the hinges will weaken and eventually snap. Usually only one hinge will snap the one nearest to the video cable connecting the base to the screen. Whether you need your laptop hinges tightening or replacing with new hinges, Fix Computers can help you with this.

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Laptop Keyboard Repair/Replacement
Fix Computers can replace missing keys on your laptop keyboard or replace the full keyboard with a new one. We can replace individual keys if only a couple of you laptop keys have come lose and you have kept all the parts usually three per key.

Laptop Blue Screen problems
Is your laptop being affected by blue screen issues also known as, “The Blue Screen of Death”. If so this could be due to hardware or software issues. After a quick diagnosis Fix Computers can give you a fixed price to repair your laptop and in some case recover you files if your laptop hard drive has become faulty.

Laptop Fan Service
The fan on your laptop can become noisy over time, this can be due to dust build up or possibly a piece of debris trapped in fan. Laptop Fan Service includes Fan and outlet fins cleaned by hand, we do not use compressed air.

Laptop Hard Drive Replacement
If your laptop hard drive has failed or you want to replace your laptop hard drive because you are running out of space on your drive. Fix Computers can do this for you, we can save all your important documents pictures and other personal files. Install your new bigger hard drive, install the operating system and transfer all your personal files and settings back on to the new hard drive.

We will also install a 1 year anti virus program and install all the latest Windows updates and device drivers and tune up the laptop so it runs at its fastest.. We will also advise you if needed what upgrades you can make to increase performance even further

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